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Coleman Veterinary Hospital

My experience with a wonderful caring veterinarian.

I would just like to thank Veterinary Doctor Coleman for caring about us and everyone else. When my poor dog needed a horribly abscessed tooth pulled, I called to get an estimate of costs. An animal hospital in North Utah County gave me a quote and put down the services needed and estimated the cost ranging from $850 to $1,150. He told me to bring her back after the week end for the “surgery”. I did so and they told me I would have to pay for it when I picked up my dog later that day, to which I agreed. However, an hour later after I had traveled to the Salt Lake City airport, his office called and said they wanted half of the money before they would start. They did not ask for this when I was there, and now they wanted me to come back and pay first!

After talking to someone who used to work for the vet who wanted so much, I called Dr. Colemans office, at the Coleman Veterinary Hospital, and asked how much they would charge for these services. I was told it would be over $50 but less than $100. I could hardly believe the difference. After I returned a little while later, I picked up my dog and I took my dog to Dr. Coleman. Dr. Coleman did a full dental exam, oral surgery, and pretty much every thing the other vet would do, but his entire bill was $80. Less than one tenth that of the unnamed Animal Hospital in Pleasant Grove.

I have so much respect for Dr. Coleman. I only met him a couple times, but if everyone were like him, I don’t imagine anyone would ever feel that they have been take advantage of. People who do their job and are fair are a blessing to us all. Dr. Coleman’s office number is (801) 812-2077 and his office is located at 3145 N Canyon Rd, Provo, UT 84604.

A dog owner here in Utah county.

Rod deJel